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Dwayne Johnson Shows Support for UFC Fighter Dustin Poirier

Former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock,’ shows support for UFC fighter Dustin Poirier following his recent defeat. Read more about Johnson’s admiration for Poirier and his dedication to the MMA community.

Former WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock,’ has recently expressed his admiration for UFC fighters, particularly Dustin Poirier. Johnson, a successful Hollywood actor with a net worth of over $800 million, has developed strong connections within the UFC community. In a recent gesture of support, Johnson took to Twitter to shower Poirier with praise following his fight against Justin Gaethje.

A Heartbreaking Defeat

Dustin Poirier recently competed for the BMF title against Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 291. Although Poirier survived the first round, he was rocked by a vicious right kick to the temple in the second round. Despite the defeat, Poirier remained stoic and optimistic during the post-fight news conference.

Poirier’s Positive Outlook

When asked about his defeat, Poirier responded with confidence and positivity. He acknowledged the disappointment but emphasized that his life, family, and daughter were all in good spirits. Poirier stated, ‘It’s heartbreaking… But I’m happy right now. My life is good, my family is good, and my daughter is excited for me to get home. We’re not at a funeral here. I’ve won, I’ve won life. I already won.’

Dwayne Johnson’s Support

Dustin Poirier’s resilient mindset following his defeat caught the attention of Dwayne Johnson. In an interview with MMA Junkie, ‘The Rock’ expressed his admiration for Poirier’s perspective. Johnson tweeted, ‘Love this perspective so much. Life lessons we can pass on to our little ones. Whatever it is that you sign up for, make sure you absolutely love it because anything can happen ~ and it does. Love this dude. Massive respect brother @DustinPoirier.’

Johnson’s Support for UFC Athletes

This is not the first time Dwayne Johnson has shown support for UFC athletes. Just a few weeks ago, he financially assisted UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo after learning about his difficult situation. Johnson pledged to stay in touch with Gorimbo and fulfilled his promise by meeting him at the Florida MMA Masters Gym. The two shared a touching moment, and it was later revealed that ‘The Rock’ had provided Gorimbo with a fully furnished house in Miami.


Dwayne Johnson’s passion for mixed martial arts and his dedication to supporting UFC athletes is evident. His recent show of support for Dustin Poirier and his previous assistance to Themba Gorimbo demonstrate his commitment to helping those in the MMA community. Johnson’s words of encouragement and acts of kindness serve as inspiration to fighters and fans alike.

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