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Eli Aronov vs. Zach Reese: Middleweight Clash at DWCS – Results and Highlights

Read about the middleweight clash between Eli Aronov and Zach Reese at DWCS. Get the results, highlights, and more from the third week of the seventh season.

Eli Aronov vs. Zach Reese: Middleweight Clash at DWCS

The third week of the seventh season of Dana White’s Contender Series (DWCS) took place at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nev., on Tuesday night. The highly anticipated main event featured a middleweight showdown between Eli Aronov and Zach Reese.

Both fighters entered the octagon with determination and a hunger for victory. Aronov showcased his striking skills, while Reese relied on his grappling expertise. The clash of styles promised an exciting and unpredictable fight.

In the opening round, Aronov wasted no time in asserting his dominance. He landed a series of powerful strikes that had Reese on the backfoot. However, Reese displayed his resilience and managed to survive the onslaught.

As the fight progressed, Reese found his rhythm and began to implement his grappling game plan. He secured takedowns and controlled Aronov on the ground. Aronov, on the other hand, showcased his defensive skills, preventing Reese from inflicting significant damage.

The battle continued into the final round, with both fighters giving their all. Aronov unleashed a barrage of strikes, showcasing his striking prowess once again. Reese, however, remained composed and utilized his grappling to neutralize Aronov’s offense.

After three hard-fought rounds, the judges rendered their decision. Eli Aronov emerged victorious, earning a unanimous decision victory. His impressive striking and ability to defend against Reese’s grappling proved to be the deciding factors.

DWCS Results

Fighters Result
Eli Aronov Defeated Zach Reese via Unanimous Decision
Kaik Brito Defeated Oban Elliott via TKO
Isis Verbeek Defeated Josefine Knutsson via Split Decision
Luis Pajuelo Defeated Robbie Ring via Submission

The night also featured other exciting matchups. Kaik Brito showcased his striking prowess and secured a TKO victory over Oban Elliott. Isis Verbeek and Josefine Knutsson engaged in a closely contested battle, with Verbeek ultimately securing a split decision win. Luis Pajuelo impressed with a submission victory over Robbie Ring.

The third week of DWCS delivered thrilling fights and showcased the talent and determination of the fighters. Fans can’t wait to see what the future holds for these rising stars in the world of MMA.