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Georges St-Pierre’s Return to UFC: Grappling Match Against Demian Maia Revealed

Georges St-Pierre is set to make his return to UFC in a high profile grappling match against Demian Maia. Learn more about this exciting matchup and St-Pierre’s thoughts on potential opponents.

Georges St-Pierre’s Return to UFC: Grappling Match Against Demian Maia Revealed

Georges St-Pierre, a UFC Hall-of-Famer and widely considered one of the best mixed martial artists of all-time, is set to make his return to UFC competition in December of this year. After retiring from the UFC in February 2019, St-Pierre has been focusing on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, fitness, and similar pursuits. He even helped train Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a proposed superfight against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

St-Pierre’s comeback announcement has generated excitement among UFC fans, and many have been speculating about who his opponent will be. On Thursday afternoon, it was revealed that St-Pierre will be facing UFC veteran and title challenger Demian Maia in a high profile grappling match on UFC Fight Pass.

Demian Maia, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert with a 28-11 overall record in MMA, is highly regarded for his grappling skills. St-Pierre has previously praised Maia as one of the best grapplers in UFC history. This matchup promises to be a thrilling display of technical prowess and submission attempts.

In an interview, St-Pierre discussed his preference for facing opponents who are considered the favorites. However, he did mention a few fighters he would be interested in competing against. One of them is welterweight phenom Khamzat Chimaev, who has been making waves in the UFC. St-Pierre enjoys putting himself in challenging situations and believes that facing Chimaev would be an exciting test of his skills.

St-Pierre also mentioned the possibility of facing former opponents Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz, as well as Anderson Silva, whom he considers the greatest of all time in MMA. Additionally, he expressed respect for the legendary Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, there is one opponent that St-Pierre stated he would not want to face: Gordon Ryan, a submission grappling superstar trained under St-Pierre’s coach John Danaher. Ryan’s exceptional grappling abilities and reputation make him a formidable opponent that St-Pierre prefers to avoid.

Fans eagerly await the December matchup between Georges St-Pierre and Demian Maia. It promises to be a battle of elite grapplers and a showcase of skill and technique. UFC enthusiasts can catch the action on UFC Fight Pass and witness the return of one of the sport’s greatest athletes.

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