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Ilia Topuria Plans to Rip Alexander Volkanovski’s Head Off in December

Ilia Topuria plans to face Alexander Volkanovski in a title showdown after a dominating performance. Read about Topuria’s intense desire for the fight and his candid assessment of Volkanovski’s UFC 290 performance.

Key Points
Ilia Topuria plans to face Alexander Volkanovski in a title showdown

Ilia Topuria is out for blood after the conclusion of UFC 290 on July 8. "El Matador" stood in attendance as Alexander Volkanovski defended his featherweight title for a fifth time. In an interview with reporter Carlos Contreras at UFC 290, Topuria revealed his thoughts on Volkanovski and his performance.

Topuria’s Intense Desire for a Showdown

"I want him to heal and recover if he has any injuries after this fight, and in December he shows up and in front of the whole world I will legally rip his little head off. If he has to recover, I’m not in a hurry, when it has to happen I’m ready to fight."

Volkanovski will undergo surgery on his left elbow to remove bone fragments that prevent him from fully extending his arm. Topuria reflected on Volkanovski’s UFC 290 performance, stating, "With all the respect in the world Yair [Rodriguez] fought terrible, he looked beaten from the start. I never liked his style, so I’m not surprised. It was really easy for Alex [Volkanovski]."

Topuria’s Candid Assessment

During an interview with BT Sport on the same night, Topuria revealed that the fight was the most "boring fight I’ve ever seen in my life. …Yair steps inside the cage with the mentality of ‘I’m gonna lose the fight,’ you know?" Topuria went on to give Volkanovski kudos, explaining how it’s "a big challenge, and at the same time a big motivation," ahead of a likely title showdown.

Topuria’s Dominating Performance

The general consensus is that Topuria is next in line for a shot against Volkanovski after a dominating performance against Josh Emmett in June. Whether the Spanish fighter can back his bold statements with action in the octagon is a whole other topic. Stick with MMA Knockout for more daily coverage of the UFC and MMA.

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