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Jessica Andrade’s Epic Comeback at UFC 295

Read about Jessica Andrade’s impressive comeback at UFC 295, where she defeated Mackenzie Dern in a thrilling showdown. Explore the highlights of the event and more on MMA Junkie.

Jessica Andrade made an epic comeback at UFC 295 by defeating Mackenzie Dern in a spectacular showdown. Andrade’s victory through a walkoff TKO in Round 2 showcased her resilience and determination in the octagon. Stay updated with the latest highlights and results from the event on MMA Junkie.

Jessica Andrade proved she’s far from done at UFC 295 , where she made a stunning comeback by defeating Mackenzie Dern. Andrade’s victory came in the form of a walkoff TKO in Round 2, showcasing her resilience and skill in the octagon.

In a thrilling showdown at Madison Square Garden, Andrade displayed her dominance from the start. The first round saw Andrade dropping Dern in the final seconds, setting the tone for the rest of the fight. Despite Dern’s valiant efforts, Andrade’s relentless pursuit paid off in Round 2 as she repeatedly sent Dern to the canvas.

The fight took a wild turn when Dern attempted to push forward with aggressive strikes, only to be met with Andrade’s powerful counterattacks. Ultimately, Andrade sealed the deal with a decisive left hook and straight right combination, securing the victory.

Post-fight, Andrade emphasized the significance of the win for her career, highlighting her determination and drive to overcome obstacles both inside and outside the cage. The defeat marked a setback for Dern, who now stands at 3-3 in her last six fights.

The UFC 295 event also featured other exciting matchups, including Benoit Saint-Denis’s knockout victory over Matt Frevola and Diego Lopes’s impressive win against Pat Sabatini. Stay tuned for more updates on MMA Junkie’s event hub for UFC 295 .