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Jewish MMA Fighter Takes on Holocaust Denier: A Lesson in Trolling

Read about the intense confrontation between a Jewish MMA fighter and a Holocaust denier. This incident sheds light on the consequences of online trolling and the importance of education.

In a recent bout, Natan Levy, an Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts fighter who is Jewish, found himself in a heated confrontation with a Holocaust denier. The incident, which originated on social media, sparked a debate about the boundaries of free speech and the consequences of online trolling.

The altercation began when Levy made a comment about a white nationalist who had posted a shirtless photo, referring to him as being ‘built like a chopstick’ and posing no threat. In response, a person named ‘Ben’ challenged Levy to a fight on behalf of Nicholas J. Fuentes, a known Holocaust denier and white supremacist.

Before the fight, Levy sought to understand who Fuentes was and engaged in a conversation with Ben. Ben described Fuentes as the leader of a political movement called ‘America First,’ which aims to promote Christian values in the United States. However, when questioned about Fuentes’ denial of the Holocaust, Ben claimed that Fuentes was more of a ‘revisionist’ and that the number of those murdered had changed over time.

The fight eventually took place, with Levy dominating his opponent. Despite landing a few punches and kicks, Ben was no match for the skilled MMA fighter. In the end, Levy and Ben reconciled, with Ben acknowledging the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.

This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of online trolling and the importance of addressing hate speech. It highlights the need for education and understanding, even in the face of ignorance and bigotry.

Fight Summary

Fighter Result
Natan Levy Victory
Ben Defeat

Key Points

  • Natan Levy, a Jewish MMA fighter, engaged in a fight with a Holocaust denier
  • The altercation originated on social media
  • Ben, the opponent, defended Nicholas J. Fuentes, a known white supremacist
  • Levy dominated the fight, showcasing his skills as an MMA fighter
  • The incident highlights the importance of addressing hate speech and promoting education