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Jon Anik Reveals Future UFC Champions and McGregor’s Comeback

Discover Jon Anik’s top sleeper picks for future UFC champions and insights on Conor McGregor’s anticipated return to the octagon. Dive into the world of MMA with expert commentary.

Jon Anik, the esteemed UFC commentator, shared his sleeper picks for future champions, highlighting Raul Rosas Jr., Ian Machado Garry, and Kyler Phillips. Fans reacted to Anik’s choices, expressing varying opinions. Additionally, Anik remains optimistic about Conor McGregor’s comeback despite his recent injury setback.

Jon Anik’s Sleeper Picks for UFC Champions

Jon Anik, the renowned UFC commentator, recently unveiled his top three sleeper picks for future champions in the UFC. Anik highlighted rising stars like ‘El Nino Problema’ Raul Rosas Jr., Ian Machado Garry, and ‘The Matrix’ Kyler Phillips. Let’s dive into Anik’s predictions and the fan reactions to his choices.

Anik’s Sleeper Picks:

Anik expressed his admiration for Raul Rosas Jr., a young talent with immense potential who signed with the UFC at just 17. He also mentioned Ian Machado Garry as a fighter to watch out for in the welterweight division, tipping him to potentially become a future champion by 2025. However, Anik’s top choice for future stardom was Kyler Phillips, praising his versatile skill set encompassing wrestling, grappling, striking, and entertainment value.

Fan Reactions:

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts on Anik’s selections. While some echoed Anik’s sentiments, others had their favorites among the mentioned fighters. Notably, there was a buzz around Kyler Phillips and Shavkat Rakhmonov, with fans debating their potential to reach championship status.

McGregor’s Anticipated Return:

In a surprising turn of events, Conor McGregor had to withdraw from his scheduled bout against Michael Chandler due to an undisclosed injury. Speculation arose regarding McGregor’s future in the sport, but Anik remains optimistic about the Irish fighter’s comeback. Despite the setback, Anik believes McGregor will return to the octagon in 2024, dismissing rumors of an early retirement.

The Future of UFC:

With Anik’s insights into the next generation of UFC champions and his unwavering faith in McGregor’s resilience, the MMA world is abuzz with anticipation. As fans eagerly await the unfolding of these predictions, the landscape of mixed martial arts continues to evolve with new talents emerging and established stars making their mark.