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Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan: Training Partners and Mutual Respect

Discover the training partnership between Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan as they prepare for Jones’ UFC 295 title fight against Stipe Miocic. Learn about their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s skills.

Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan have formed a strong bond during their training sessions in preparation for Jones’ upcoming UFC 295 title fight against Stipe Miocic. Despite their different backgrounds in mixed martial arts and grappling, the two fighters have developed a deep respect for each other’s skills and abilities.

Jones, the former light heavyweight champion and current heavyweight champion, is determined to solidify his status as the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) in the world of MMA. His goal is to defeat Miocic and claim the title of the best in a second division. To achieve this, the 36-year-old Jones has enlisted the help of grappling sensation Gordon Ryan.

Earlier this week, a video of Jones and Ryan grappling together was leaked, showcasing their impressive techniques and athleticism. The training sessions have allowed Jones to learn from Ryan’s expertise in Nogi jujitsu, and the two fighters have pushed each other to improve their skills.

Ryan took to Instagram to express his admiration for Jones, describing him as a spectacular person and the best in his field. He highlighted Jones’ ability to shift his demeanor and thought process when discussing combat, showcasing his deep understanding of the sport. Ryan also praised Jones’ quick learning abilities, noting that he improved significantly in just a few days of training.

Jones reciprocated the respect and gratitude, acknowledging Ryan as the greatest Nogi jujitsu athlete in the history of grappling. He expressed his appreciation for Ryan’s generosity in sharing his knowledge and described him as an inspiring individual both on and off the mat.

This collaboration between Jones and Ryan is not the first time Jones has impressed fellow fighters with his ability to adapt and integrate new concepts into his fighting style. Olympic wrestling gold medalist and UFC double champion Henry Cejudo also marveled at Jones’ quick mastery of new techniques leading up to his comeback bout against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285.

The culmination of Jones and Ryan’s training will be put to the test on November 11th at UFC 295 when Jones faces off against Miocic. Retirement is a possibility for Jones after this fight, but it is clear that he is only getting better with time.