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Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan: Unlikely Training Partners or PED Connection?

Discover the unlikely training partnership between Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan. Are they connected by PED usage? Find out more in this article.

Jon Jones, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, has always been known for his exceptional athleticism and well-rounded skill-set inside the octagon. Despite his success, he acknowledges that there are areas in his mechanics and habits that need improvement. To further enhance his fighting abilities, Jones often trains with some of the world’s best fighters.

Today, Jones surprised his fans by posting a picture on Twitter. In the photo, he is seen sitting next to no-gi grappling legend Gordon Ryan. However, the two men are not engaged in training. Instead, they are casually sitting in the back of an open SUV trunk, wearing hats and sunglasses.

Both Jones and Ryan are highly accomplished in their respective sports. Unfortunately, they are also known for their past involvement with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Jones has tested positive for banned substances on multiple occasions, while Ryan has been open about his steroid use.

Despite their shared history, it is important to note that Jones maintains he has never knowingly taken any PEDs. Nevertheless, fans were quick to point out the connection between the two fighters. Jones captioned the tweet with the phrase ‘Iron sharpens iron,’ which led one fan to humorously ask, ‘Does juice sharpen juice?’ Another fan made a clever reference to Jones’ past PED test failures, stating, ‘Juice softens noodles.’

The fans continued to make PED-related innuendos, with one jokingly referring to Jones and Ryan as the ‘steroid brothas.’ The collage of fan reactions clearly shows the amusement and speculation surrounding this unlikely pairing.

Will Jon Jones Continue Fighting After Stipe Miocic?

As Jon Jones prepares to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 295, there is no guarantee of victory for the reigning champion. However, considering Miocic’s inactivity, age, and recent loss, it is widely expected that Jones will maintain his dominance in the octagon.

Initially, Jones had planned to defeat Miocic and retire from the sport. However, the emergence of fighters like Sergei Pavlovich and Tom Aspinall has raised questions about Jones’ retirement plans. Aspinall’s triumphant return and his subsequent callout of Jones have left fans wondering if the champion will reconsider his decision.

Despite expressing frustration over the belief that Aspinall is a formidable opponent, Jones has yet to officially address the Englishman’s challenge.


  • Jon Jones and Gordon Ryan, both accomplished fighters, were seen together in a casual setting, sparking speculation among fans.
  • Jones has a history of testing positive for banned substances, while Ryan has openly admitted to using steroids.
  • Fans made humorous references to their PED connections, highlighting the irony of their training partnership.
  • Jones is preparing to face Stipe Miocic at UFC 295, with fans questioning if he will continue fighting after the bout.
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Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic TBD