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Jon Jones vs Dominck Reyes – play by play and video highlights

The main fight of the card is on. Jon Jones is defending his belt against Dominick Reyes.


Round 1

Reyes open the fight with left hand. Nice high kick by Reyes. Jones is attacking legs  of Reyes. Reyes landed nice uppercut. Warning for Jones to keep the fingers out. Jon lands couple of low leg kicks. Nice left hand and Jon fell down but he is up. Reyes landed couple more punches and Jones looked rocked. Nice high kick by Reyes. Jones survived, but Reyes has momentum. Another high kick by Reyes,  spinning back kick by Reyes. Nice high kick by Jones. Another high kick by Jon – blocked by Reyes.

Round goes to Reyes.


Round 2
Reyes is pressing Jon against the cage, landing couple nice punches Jon runs away and fight is back to middle of the cage.
Jon is controlling the octagon, but Reyes is landing punches and collecting points. Left hook by Jones. Nice jab by Jon. Right hook by Reyes followed by jab. Nice leg kicks by Jon. Strong left hand by Reyes, low kick by Reyes. Left uppercut by Reyes.

Round is over, it was close but it could go to Reyes again

Round 3

Nice high kick by Reyes, and Reyes landed couple more punches. Kick to the body by Reyes, followed by right hook and Jon is running again. Reyes is really throwing all kind of different things here, mixing the punches and kicks very good. Jon is keeping the pressure but Reyes is collecting points. Takedown attempt by Jones stopped by Reyes. Nice leg kick by Reyes.Nice hook by Jones, and checked low kick. Reyes looked tired, Jones still controlling the octagon. Flying kick by Jones and round is over.

Another close round, could again go to Reyes who was touching Jones all the time.


Round 4

Nice right followed by left by Reyes Jon is covered at the cage , Jones desperately tries to get the takedown but Reyes stopped them all.  Nice uppercut by Reyes, Jones is bleeding from the nose. Another takedown attempt by Jones stopped again by Reyes. Nice 1-2 by Reyes. Reyes is tired but he is mixing the body – head  punches. Jon is keep controlling the cage putting pressure on Reyes. Nice body shot by Jones followed by right hook. Nice right hook by Reyes.High kick by Jones blocked.  Reyes is looking exhausted Jone is attacking. Nice right hand by Jones and the fight is over.

This round could go to Jones.


Round 5

Jones got the instructions to finish him. Could be that Reyes is leading on score cards. Reyes opened with nice uppercut. Jones goes for takedown, Reyes is back up and and another takedown is blocked. Nice elbow by Jones, but Reyes countered with nice 1-2. Strong body kick by Jones, low kick by Jones. Another kick to the body, nice movement by Reyes. Left hand by Jon, Jon is pressing Reyes, controlling the octagon. Reyes countering nice with left hand.Nice jabs by Reyes, keeping Jon on distance. Spinning back kick by Jones, nice low kick by Jones. Reyes is moving nice, and lands a nice left hook. The fight is over.

Round could go to Jones but he could lose this fight.

Jones is celebrating on the cage, but we have to wait for judges decision.

Judges decision: 48-47, 48-47, 49-46 winner and still Jon Bones Jones.
Crowd is booing.




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