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Josh Fremd Overcomes Weight Mishap to Secure Victory at UFC Vegas 78

Read about Josh Fremd’s triumph over weight mishap at UFC Vegas 78. Despite missing weight, Fremd secured a victory over Jamie Pickett. Find out more!

Las Vegas, NV – It was a challenging week for UFC middleweight Josh Fremd, who faced a weight mishap. However, he managed to redeem himself with a triumphant win over Jamie Pickett at UFC Vegas 78 on Saturday night.

Fremd expressed his remorse for missing weight, stating, "I just want to send my apologies to the UFC and to my opponent. I’ve never missed weight in my life. Being a wrestler all my life, being involved in mixed martial arts, I’ve never missed weight. I’m ashamed of myself for that," Fremd told reporters, including Cageside Press, during his post-fight scrum.

Despite the setback, Fremd secured a decision victory over Pickett in a crucial fight for both competitors. However, Fremd had hoped for a finish. "I’m not stupid; I’ve watched this sport my entire life. I knew where I stood. I know where I stand right now, and I know I needed a finish. I needed a dominant win. I didn’t get that, but I won," he explained.

Fremd reflected on his lack of nerves before the fight, saying, "It was weird. I didn’t feel any pressure. In the back, I was even a little nervous. Why didn’t I feel these butterflies that I normally feel? I think that’s just part of me growing in the sport, knowing that I belong here."

The bout against Pickett marked the final fight on Fremd’s current contract. However, he expressed his desire to re-sign with the UFC and return to action promptly. "I’m 2-2, that was the last fight on my contract. I had my opportunity to go out there and finish the fight. I feel like I should have, I didn’t, so right now it’s up to my manager. It’s up to Mick (Maynard), Sean (Shelby), Dana (White), if they want to re-sign me," Fremd stated.

With a two-fight win streak, Fremd aims to perform even better if given the chance to continue with the UFC. "If they re-sign me, I want to fight one more before the year is out. I want three fights this year," he added.

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Josh Fremd here.