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Justin Gaethje stopped Donald Cerrone in round one

Cool, calm, collected, no rush, precise execution, first round stoppage – that could be description of Justin Gaethje performance at main event UFC Vancouver against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Justin started the fight with low kicks, he landed at least 5-6 of them just in first round. Effect of the low kicks was disrupting Cowboys fighting rhythm and making him think how to stop them. Justing then started to mix them with striking exchanges, but it was unusual for Justin that those exchanges were pretty well calculated and no wild swinging.
After couple of minutes in the fight it was clear that fight is going under Justin’s conditions and he was the one controlling the pace of the fight but on very calm way. Justin was picking Cerrone apart in every exchange, trying always to finish the last and he did succeed in that. Cerrone tried to initiate couple of standing exchanges but Justin looked stronger in those exchanges.
And then in round 4, in one of these exchanges, Justin saw an opening and landed clear right hook which drops Cerrone.  Cerrone drops on one knee, but then he stood up clearly wobbling on his feet. Justin landed couple more uppercuts and Cerrone was again on his both knees and hands trying to keep the balance – no defence at all. Justin stopped for the moment waiting for referee to stop the fight because Cerrone was not defending any more, but the referee did not stop it letting Gaetje to land couple more shots and then in 4:18 minute of round 1 – fight was stopped.

Justin Gaethje TKO Donald Cerrone in round 1  at main event UFC Vancouver.