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Justin Gaethje’s Epic Victory and Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC 291

Read about Justin Gaethje’s epic victory and post-fight press conference at UFC 291. Discover his thoughts on the fight, future plans, and more in this exclusive article.

Key Points
Justin Gaethje expresses gratitude for his victory and hard work.
He overcame adversity and surprised himself with his performance.
Gaethje acknowledges the danger of his opponent’s left hand.
The high kick played a significant role in the fight.
Gaethje is open to fighting the winner of the Islam vs. Charles fight.
He responds to Conor McGregor’s comments and expresses interest in a big fight.
Gaethje reflects on his victory’s significance for the Hispanic community.
He praises Tony Ferguson’s performance and resilience.
Gaethje appreciates receiving the BMF belt and its placement.
Defending the belt depends on financial incentives and his team’s decision.
Gaethje shares his positive experience in Salt Lake City.
He emphasizes the importance of hard work and self-belief.

Justin Gaethje delivered an outstanding performance at UFC 291, avenging a previous loss and securing the BMF belt. In his post-fight press conference, Gaethje shared his thoughts on the fight, his future plans, and more.

Gaethje’s Triumph and Gratitude

Gaethje expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to fight and the hard work that led to his success. He acknowledged the challenges he faced and the special feeling of achieving his goals.

“Life’s crazy, man. I thank God every day for this ride, and it means everything to feel the hard work pay off.” – Justin Gaethje

Overcoming Adversity

Despite facing some adversity in the opening round, Gaethje was surprised by his own performance. He mentioned being stung by his opponent but remained focused on his game plan.

“I was surprised by myself, you know, how good I fought. It was amazing.” – Justin Gaethje

The Dangerous Left Hand

Gaethje admitted that he was wary of his opponent’s dangerous left hand, which he had been preparing for throughout his training camp. However, his coach reminded him to focus on his own fight and not let the left hand distract him.

“That left hand is dangerous, but my coach told me not to worry about it. We’re here to fight our fight.” – Justin Gaethje

The Unpredictable High Kick

Gaethje’s high kick played a significant role in the fight, catching his opponent off guard. Although it wasn’t initially part of the game plan, Gaethje’s intuition led him to utilize the technique effectively.

“The high kick wasn’t part of the game plan, but it worked, and I trusted my intuition. That’s how I fight.” – Justin Gaethje

The Next Challenge

With his victory, Gaethje solidified his legacy in the sport. While the winner of the Islam vs. Charles fight seems like the logical next opponent, Gaethje remains open to other possibilities and will leave the decision to the UFC.

“We’ll see what happens. The UFC makes the calls. I have no idea.” – Justin Gaethje

A Trilogy in the Future?

Gaethje and his opponent now have a 1-1 record against each other. Gaethje expressed his willingness to fight again if necessary but emphasized that he doesn’t want an immediate rematch.

“We’re one and one, so we’ll see. I would never deny him the opportunity, but I don’t want it to be my next fight.” – Justin Gaethje

Responding to Conor McGregor

When asked about Conor McGregor’s recent comments, Gaethje revealed that McGregor had turned down fights with him multiple times. However, he remains open to the possibility and finds the idea exciting.

“He’s turned me down six times, but who knows? I like big fights, and it sounds pretty exciting to me.” – Justin Gaethje

A Victory for the Hispanic Community

Gaethje, who has Mexican heritage, acknowledged the support from the Hispanic community and expressed his pride in representing them on a global stage.

“I have so much family down there, and I’m sure they’re celebrating. I just inspired the world, and that’s what I’m here for.” – Justin Gaethje

Tony Ferguson’s Fight

Gaethje praised Tony Ferguson’s performance in his recent fight, acknowledging the dangers and unpredictability of the sport. He commended Ferguson’s resilience and fighting spirit.

“Fighting is dangerous and unforgiving, but Tony didn’t back down. He always has a chance when he steps in there.” – Justin Gaethje

The BMF Belt and Its Placement

Gaethje expressed his satisfaction with receiving the BMF belt and didn’t mind whether it was placed around his waist or over his shoulder. He appreciated the significance of the belt and the recognition it brought.

“It’s special, and it’s going to look great in my house. I’m a little bit petty, so I loved having Jorge Masvidal wrap it around me.” – Justin Gaethje

Defending the Belt

When asked about defending the BMF belt, Gaethje mentioned that it would depend on the financial incentives and the decision of his team. He expressed his willingness to take on big fights and exciting challenges.

“I have a team around me, and I say yes to everything. We’ll see what happens.” – Justin Gaethje

Reflecting on the Experience

Gaethje shared his positive experience in Salt Lake City, praising the city’s cleanliness, friendly people, and beautiful golf courses. He also mentioned his father’s emotional reaction to his victory.

“I love this city. It’s so clean, and the people are nice. I have a great time playing golf here. And my dad cried, which made me proud.” – Justin Gaethje

Believing in Yourself

In his final remarks, Gaethje emphasized the importance of hard work, self-belief, and the ability to overcome obstacles. He encouraged others to pursue their dreams and never underestimate their potential.

“You could be anything you want. You just have to work your ass off and believe in yourself.” – Justin Gaethje