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Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington – play by play & video highlights

UFC 245 main event Kamaru Usman (c) vs. Colby Covington  for the UFC welterweight title is starting now. Follow play by play events here:



Here we go:


Round 1

Usman open the fight with high kick, but it did not landed clean. Covington landed a nice combination, Usman looked little bit rocked. Both guys throwing in the middle, and Colby looked like he found his range and tempo, but Usman is answering with clean 1-2 by himself.
Round is over, both fighter managed to land nice punches at the center of the octagon.


Round 2

Both fighter standing in the center of octagon and throwing punches. Not a single takedown attempt. Yet.

Good right hand by Colby, Usman answered by head kick. Both guys are throwing wild punches at the center of octagon.
Fight was stopped because of groin kick by Colby, but slow-mo video showed the kick landed on Usman’s body, not the groin.
Fight is continued, Usman is landing nice combination body-head.
Round  is over, both fighters talking to each other on the way to their corners.


Round 3

One minute in the 3rd round, and fight is still in the center of the octagon. No takedown attempts. Usman landed big right hand, followed by body kick. Nice right hand to the body by Usman. Looks like these body shots are working, every time they lands there is a reaction by Colby. Another  body shot by Usman, Colby reacted again by putting his hands down. Now there is a clear target  for Usman.

Fight is stopped again, eye poke by Colby.
30 seconds to go and fight is on again, and now in the last second Usman landed a punch.


“He broke my jaw” said Colby to his coaches



Round 4

Both guys throwing everything in the center of the octagon. Nice left hand by Colby.
With his jaw broken, Colby is landing some nice punches. Good body punch, followed by right hook by Usman. Both fighters still in the center of the octagon. Now nice left hook by Colby.
Looked like another eye poke by Usman, but referee said no more timeouts –  just fight.
Round is over.

Usman’s corner is saiying “his jaw is broken, his jaw is broken..”


Round 5

Nice combination by Colby, Usman is a nice kick to the body.

Still fighting in the center of the octagon – no takedowns. Colby landed again 1-2-3 combination.Usman landed couple of good punches, Colby looked rocked. Another right hand by Usman, Colby is down and Usman is all over him.

Fight is stopped. Usman defended his belt.