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Kevin Holland Dominates in Sensational UFC Victory

Kevin Holland delivers a sensational performance in his UFC victory, showcasing remarkable takedown defense and securing a beautiful submission. Read more about his triumph here.

Key Points
Kevin Holland wins by submission in the first round
Impressive takedown defense showcased
Kevin expresses desire for more fights this year

Ladies and gentlemen, referee Mark Carter just called to stop the contest at two minutes and 39 seconds of the first round. The winner, by submission, is Kevin Holland. I’m here with the man himself, Kevin Holland, who delivered a sensational performance tonight. He not only beat his opponent at his own game, but he also showcased remarkable takedown defense.

A Patient and Mature Kevin Holland

Kevin attributes his success to his full-blown arrest coach and his great corner and crew. At 30 years old, he feels more patient and mature in the octagon. He has sacrificed a lot for his career, missing the birth of his children and enduring all kinds of hardships. But he loves every moment of it.

Impressive Takedown Defense

One of the highlights of Kevin’s performance tonight was his exceptional takedown defense. He credits Eric, who has been helping him out full-time, for his improved skills. Kevin takes a moment to call out other gyms that let go of talented fighters like Eric, emphasizing that it’s their loss.

The Winning Moment

Let’s take a look at the winning moment on the big screen. Kevin caught his opponent with a D’Arce choke, a beautiful submission. He also landed multiple strikes, including a powerful knee. When his opponent attempted a takedown, Kevin capitalized on the opportunity and secured the D’Arce choke.

Future Fights

Kevin expresses his desire to stay active and have more fights this year. While he is open to facing anyone, he clarifies that he came down to the welterweight division for the BMF belt. If there are no opportunities for that at 170, he wants to move back up to the middleweight division.

Congratulations, Kevin Holland!

Congratulations to Kevin Holland on his impressive victory. We can’t wait to see him back in action soon.