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Lewis vs Ivanov – play by play


Round 1

Both fighter started very slow, checking the opponent and trying to find openings.  Lewis throw a kick and Ivanov catch it and put Lewis on the ground. Ivanov was on top of Lewis trying to set kimura, but then Lewis exploded stood up and started landing wild punches. Looked like Ivanov is in trouble but he survived.

Lewis just landed two good punches, but Ivanov counter with god straight right.

Round one is finished, probably belongs to Lewis.


Round 2
Ivanov opened the round with good right hook.
“Let’s go Lewis” – crowd is singing

Lewis  started barrage of wild punches, landed couple of them, but Ivanov counter with the good right hand and took Lewis on the ground.

Ivanov have the kimura locked…
but lewis exploded again and just stood up, and started landing wild punches again
Ivanov took Lewis on the ground again and finish the round in a guillotine attempt.

Hard to score this round, it could go both ways


Round 3
Slow start in round 3, Ivanov is walking Lewis but no punches yet.
Ivanov pressed Lewis against the cage, but Lewis takedown defense is on the point.
Lewis tried to took  Ivanov down, but Ivanov turn it over and tried to set up another guillotine choke, but Lewis again just exploded and stood up throwing wild punches.
Lewis is swinging trying to land something on Ivanov, but no serious shots landed.

End of the fight.


37  significant strikes 25

37 total strikes 59

1 takedowns 3

Lewis def Ivanov by split decision 30:27, 28:29, 29:28