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Logan Paul’s Potential Entry into MMA Sparks Excitement and Controversy

Read about the excitement and controversy surrounding Logan Paul’s potential entry into MMA. Legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer shares his thoughts on Paul’s wrestling background and the possibility of a fight against Paddy Pimblett.

Key Points
Logan Paul considering entering the world of MMA
Paul’s background in boxing and pro wrestling
Online feud with UFC prospect Paddy Pimblett
Bruce Buffer’s thoughts on Paul’s potential in the Octagon

Legendary UFC announcer Bruce Buffer has chimed in on Logan Paul possibly entering the world of MMA. Paul has dabbled in the “sweet science,” having two boxing matches against popular YouTuber KSI. He also performs in the world of pro wrestling under the WWE banner.

Many wrestling pundits have said that Paul has the charisma and in-ring ability to be a top heel for years to come if he frees up his schedule. Paul has found himself in an online feud with UFC prospect Paddy Pimblett. Paddy has called Paul a “clout chaser.” Paul recently suggested he fight Pimblett on the undercard of a possible Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg event.

“The Schmo” caught up with Bruce Buffer, who shared an interesting take on Logan Paul possibly trying his hand inside the Octagon. “First off, I’d love to see Logan Paul just walk in no matter who he fights, and I’ll tell you why,” Buffer said. “When you have an influencer like him that has such a far reach, he will bring eyeballs to the UFC that have not even gone onto the UFC. So, he’s a wrestler, he has a wrestling base, he’s a fantastic athlete. Match him up properly with an opponent. Paddy Pimblett would be a huge fight. Who would not wanna tune in and watch that fight? It’s great ratings, it’s not Musk and Zuckerberg, but it’s pretty darn close. It would really bring a lot of eyeballs. So, if Logan wants to train, go in and be a warrior, and do it, more power to him. Why not?”