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Max Holloway beats down Brian Ortega

Max Holloway was able to defend his title against very dangerous Brian Ortega. Max Holloway  dominated fight from beginning, busting the face of Ortega and at the end of round 4, during the break, doctor stopped the fight because the left eye or Ortega was completely closed and his face was bleeding from everywhere.

Holloway performed on insane level, he was able to mix combination of 8,9 or 10 shots and switching the stance while doing it and keeping the perfect distance at the same time. Ortega just did not had answer for these killing combinations.

Max is so good in his ability to read the opponent, his movement, fighting patterns, stamina… he used first round to download that data, second round to test some combinations and in the beginnig of round 4 he pointed out to the ground which meant ” in this round he is going down”. Ortega did not went down, mostly thanks to his chin and the heart, but he received such a beating that doctor stopped the fight and everybody agrees with that.
“It was just nod good idea to let Ortega fight the fifth round, healthwise” – said Dana White after the fight.