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MMA Legend Challenges Daniel Cormier’s MMA Knowledge

MMA legend Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson challenges Daniel Cormier’s MMA knowledge after epic bodyslam KOs at UFC Austin. Read about the history lesson and the greatest slam KO in MMA history.

Fight Winner Loser
Drakkar Klose vs Joe Solecki Drakkar Klose Joe Solecki
Cody Brundage vs Zach Reese Cody Brundage Zach Reese

MMA legend Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson calls out Daniel Cormier for claiming he had never seen bodyslam knockouts before. Jackson reminds Cormier of his own famous slam KO in Pride Critical Countdown 2004.

MMA legend Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has a history lesson for Daniel Cormier. ‘DC’ was on the call when fans bore witness to not one, but two epic bodyslam KOs during Saturday’s action-packed UFC Austin card.

The viral finishes came in back-to-back bouts starting with Drakkar Klose who slammed his way out of an armbar attempt, rendering his opponent, Joe Solecki, instantly out cold. It was an insane moment that sent Cormier and the rest of the crew into a frenzy. But that was only the appetizer.

In the very next fight, Cody Brundage scored his own highlight-reel-worthy knockout when he picked up Zach Reese and sent him crashing back to the canvas while fighting out of an arm triangle. Cormier sold the moment claiming that he had never seen anything like that before, a comment which earned the attention of ‘Rampage’ Jackson.

‘How is Daniel Cormier (did I spell his name right) gonna say he’s never seen this? Is he new to MMA? Did he start with only the UFC? Did he not watch PRIDE FC? I need him to come on the jaxxon podcast,’ Jackson wrote on X.

‘Rampage’ still has the greatest slam KO in MMA history

When it comes to bodyslam knockouts, there’s no greater example than the one ‘Rampage’ gave us at Pride Critical Countdown 2004. Squaring off with Ricardo Arona, Jackson famously powered Arona up on his shoulders and slammed him back down in a most violent fashion. Arona was clearly out, but that didn’t stop Jackson from firing a couple of ground-and-pound strikes for good measure. It truly was the Wild West of mixed martial arts.