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Molly McCann: The Rise of a UFC Fighter

Get to know the rise of Molly McCann, the Liverpool fighter set to co-headline the UFC’s main event. Discover her journey, training program, and inspiring story.

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This weekend, UFC flyweight competitor Molly McCann, also known as Meatball Molly, is set to co-headline the main event at London’s O2 Arena. After a crushing defeat in her last fight, McCann is more determined than ever to prove herself in the octagon. Let’s take a closer look at the rise of this Liverpool fighter and her journey to becoming a UFC star.

A Punishing Training Program

McCann’s dedication to her craft is evident in her grueling training regimen. With the fight being pushed back, she has been training for 18 weeks, three sessions a day, six days a week. Her training includes striking, grappling, sprints, running, and weights. McCann believes that by giving her all in every session and following a strict nutrition plan, she will be unstoppable in the upcoming fight.

From Obscurity to Fame

While McCann has been in the UFC for a few years, it was in the last two years that she gained significant attention alongside her best friend, Paddy Pimblett. Their friendship and banter have captivated fans on social media, but it’s McCann’s skills in the cage that have truly made her enthralling to watch. With more eyes on her now than ever, the pressure to perform is high, but McCann thrives on it.

Overcoming Adversity

McCann has faced her fair share of challenges to reach where she is today. In the early days, she had to fight against the odds to be accepted in combat sports gyms. She proved her worth by sparring with men and never backing down. From there, she became a national champion in boxing before pivoting to football. However, an ankle injury forced her to retire and led her to discover her passion for MMA.

Inspired by Ronda Rousey

A pivotal moment in McCann’s life came when she watched Ronda Rousey’s historic fight against Liz Carmouche in 2013. Inspired by Rousey’s trailblazing spirit, McCann decided to pursue a career in MMA. She sent a drunken email to her coach, expressing her desire to be like Rousey, and never looked back. Since then, she has dedicated her life to the sport and has already made history as the first English female fighter to claim a UFC victory.

Don’t miss Molly McCann’s upcoming fight at the O2 London on July 22, 2023, as she continues to make her mark in the UFC.

Fight Results

| Fighter 1 | Fighter 2 | Result || ————– | ————— | —— || Molly McCann | Julija Stoliarenko | TBD |

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