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Rafael dos Anjos Sets Sights on UFC Championship with Victory over Vicente Luque

Rafael dos Anjos sets his sights on a UFC championship with a victory over Vicente Luque. Read about Dos Anjos’ determination and his path to the title in this exciting welterweight matchup.

This weekend’s UFC Fight Night will feature an exciting matchup between two Brazilian welterweights. Rafael dos Anjos, a 38-year-old veteran and former lightweight champion, will go head-to-head against 31-year-old compatriot Vicente Luque on Saturday night. Dos Anjos, who is not giving up hopes of becoming a UFC champion once more, believes that a win over Luque could earn him another shot at the title.

Dos Anjos, who made his debut in 2004, is approaching his third decade in MMA. Despite his age, he remains determined to add to his impressive resume, which already includes a championship strap in the lightweight division. Luque, also a fellow Brazilian, is not someone Dos Anjos is particularly close to, as he revealed in an interview with TNT Sports.

Speaking about the growth of the UFC over the years, Dos Anjos said, "I think the UFC has grown so much throughout the years, back in the day, 10 years ago it was hard to fight a Brazilian. These days, it has grown so much and so many guys are under contract. I know Vicente, we’ve fought on the same card before, but we don’t have any relationship, we’re not friends, and that’s work, and I’m really glad that the fight is going to happen this Saturday."

Originally scheduled for July, the fight was postponed by a month, a delay that Dos Anjos believes has worked in his favor. He explained, "Fight camp went really great, and I can’t wait to put on a great show for you this Saturday. I don’t really know what happened but at the end of the day, it was better for me. It gave me more time to be on point and I had some issues in my camp back then, and for me it was great that the fight changed for this date."

Despite being seven years older than Luque, Dos Anjos sees a path forward to challenge for a title in the welterweight division . He expressed his confidence, saying, "Here I am fighting another contender, a tough guy, younger than me. I feel that I have a lot in my tank, in a polite way, my lightweight days are over. I want to compete at my best and my best is 170, and of course it’s hard not to think about the belt. I‘m a very competitive guy and I like to win. Being a former champion and former title contender in this division – I’ve fought for the title before in this division – it’s a method of winning, I have a tough challenge this weekend. Vicente Luque is a tough guy, but once past him, if I keep winning, a title shot will happen. I’m a former champion."

Dos Anjos understands that opportunities can arise unexpectedly in the world of MMA. He stated, "I think the wait is shorter, it’s a matter of opportunity. If the opportunity knocks on my door. You know how this game works, so many things can change in a day, in a half-day. People get hurt and other guys are ready to go. My goal is to be ready, like I always do. Live a good lifestyle. If I get the call to fight a champion, get the luck, I’ve fought a champion before, and I went the distance, I got four weeks’ notice. I have a lot in my tank and I’m just happy to be competing again this Saturday."

Dos Anjos has faced some of the toughest opponents in the sport and believes that his level of competition sets him apart. He remarked, "I fought everybody, tough guys. The level I’ve been through is pretty high. It’s not the number of fights, it’s the level of competition, I think that people think I’m a BMF (Bad mother-f*****). I don’t think I meet the right requirements to fight for the BMF [title]. I’m a former champion, I had a belt. Guys who fight for a BMF, guys who never had a title."

In conclusion, Dos Anjos is focused on his upcoming fight against Luque, with his sights set on a potential title shot in the welterweight division . He remains confident in his abilities and is determined to prove himself once again in the octagon.

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|Key Points|
|- Rafael dos Anjos will face Vicente Luque at UFC Fight Night
|- Dos Anjos hopes to earn another shot at the UFC championship
|- The fight was originally scheduled for July but was postponed
|- Dos Anjos believes the delay has worked in his favor
|- Dos Anjos sees a path forward to challenge for a title in the welterweight division