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Reyes vs Blahowicz – play by play

Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz for a light heavyweight belt is about to start. Follow play by play here:

Round 1

Fight is started!

Both fighters started the fight very careful, no rushing… Reyes is throwing couple of leg kicks, Ian return the same way. Faints, no hard kicks, reading the opponent from both sides… nice counter left from Reyes…

Good combination by Blachowizc, he landed nice left hand in combo with body kick.  Right side of Reyes’s body is already red from that leg kick.

Blachowicz was holding the center of the cage and kind of dictating the tempo of the fight.

10-9 for Blachowicz


Round 2

Dominick opened the round with nice left, but Jan is answering with another nice punch – kick combo but blocked by Reyes.

Good combination by Jan again, nice right hand has landed. Nice combo by Reyes, but no clean shots.

Both fighters are still careful, no crazy exchanges. Very tactical fight.

Again good combo by Blachowicz,  Reyes answered with high kick by him self.

Good exchange of punches and Reyes god clipped… he went down and Jan followed him with couple more punches and fight is over.

Fight was stopped at 4:36 of round 2

Jan Blachowicz is new UFC light heavyweight champion