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Robert Whittaker Prepares for UFC 290: Will He Earn a Title Shot Against Israel Adesanya?

Read the latest news on Robert Whittaker’s upcoming fight at UFC 290 against Dricus Du Plessis. Find out if Whittaker will earn a title shot against Israel Adesanya and learn about the significance of this fight in the middleweight division.

Table of Contents

  1. Whittaker’s Favoritism
  2. Du Plessis’ Underdog Status
  3. Whittaker’s Career Crossroads
  4. Whittaker’s Game Improvement
  5. Next No. 1 Contender
  6. Quick Turnaround for Whittaker

Whittaker’s Favoritism

Robert Whittaker, the former UFC middleweight champion, is the overwhelming betting favorite to defeat Dricus Du Plessis on July 8. Whittaker has a perfect 12-0 record in the division against everyone except for current champ Israel Adesanya.

Du Plessis’ Underdog Status

Dricus Du Plessis, although holding an unbeaten 5-0 record in the UFC, is a significant underdog at UFC 290. He hasn’t faced anyone close to Whittaker’s level and has struggled against tough opposition in the past.

Whittaker’s Career Crossroads

At UFC 290, Whittaker faces a pivotal moment in his career. While he has been successful against most middleweights, he has lost twice to Adesanya. This fight could be his final chance to close the talent gap and earn a title shot against his rival.

Whittaker’s Game Improvement

Whittaker continues to show improvement in his game with each fight. He believes that trying new techniques and constantly working to better himself has elevated his skills. He aims to showcase a new level of performance against Du Plessis.

Next No. 1 Contender

The winner of Whittaker vs. Du Plessis will become the next No. 1 contender for Adesanya’s belt, as confirmed by UFC President Dana White. The fight holds significant importance in the middleweight division.

Quick Turnaround for Whittaker

If Whittaker emerges victorious and remains healthy, he is willing to make a quick turnaround and fight soon after UFC 290. He is dedicated to his career and always ready to compete.