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Robert Whittaker suffers upset loss at UFC 290

Former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker suffers a surprising loss at UFC 290. Read about his defeat and his plans to bounce back stronger.

Key Points
Robert Whittaker loses to Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 290
Whittaker plans to come back stronger
Du Plessis earns a title shot against Israel Adesanya

Robert Whittaker, the former middleweight champion, faced a tough defeat at UFC 290. Despite being a favorite, Whittaker couldn’t secure a win against Dricus Du Plessis. The South African fighter dominated the match, ultimately delivering a TKO to Whittaker. In a video posted on Twitter, Whittaker congratulated Du Plessis and expressed his determination to bounce back stronger. This loss adds to Whittaker’s only other defeat in the middleweight division against Israel Adesanya. Now, Du Plessis gears up for a title shot against Adesanya.

A Disappointing Loss

Whittaker entered the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with hopes of securing a third fight with Israel Adesanya. However, his plans were shattered as Du Plessis took control of the match. Whittaker started strong in the opening round but couldn’t maintain his momentum. Du Plessis dominated the ground game, showcasing his striking and submission skills. In the second round, Du Plessis dropped Whittaker with a powerful jab, leading to a TKO victory.

Whittaker’s Resilience

Whittaker, known for his resilience, has always bounced back after previous defeats. Since moving up from welterweight in 2014, Whittaker has consistently impressed in his rebound efforts. Despite this loss, Whittaker remains determined to come back stronger. He plans to return to the octagon by the end of the year and end it on a high note.

Looking Ahead

Now, all eyes are on Du Plessis as he prepares for his title shot against Adesanya. Whittaker will have to patiently wait for his chance to reclaim the middleweight championship. In the meantime, he will spend quality time with his family before returning to the gym to train harder than ever.


Whittaker’s defeat at UFC 290 was a setback, but he remains optimistic about his future in the sport. He believes that overcoming challenges only makes him stronger and more resilient. Whittaker’s determination to bounce back and reclaim the middleweight championship is unwavering.

Fight Results
Winner: Dricus Du Plessis
Method: TKO
Round: 2