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Sean O’Malley’s Hilarious Encounter with Sean Strickland at UFC 290

Sean O’Malley shares his hilarious encounter with Sean Strickland at UFC 290, where Strickland’s unfiltered commentary kept O’Malley entertained and concerned. Read more on MMAKnockout.com.

Key Points
Sean O’Malley sat in front of Sean Strickland at UFC 290
Strickland’s unfiltered nature was on full display throughout the event
O’Malley found Strickland’s commentary both amusing and concerning
Strickland believes he deserves a title opportunity despite recent losses
Dricus du Plessis will be getting the next middleweight title shot

Sean O’Malley had a memorable experience during UFC 290 when he found himself sitting in front of the unfiltered Sean Strickland. O’Malley shared his amusing account on the ‘TimboSugarShow,’ recounting Strickland’s colorful commentary throughout the event.

Strickland’s Unfiltered Nature

Known for his unfiltered nature, Strickland didn’t hold back in the presence of O’Malley. Throughout the fights, he made various comments that had O’Malley both amused and concerned.

Strickland’s Commentary

O’Malley recalled Strickland’s remarks, sharing, "Just talking the whole fights, saying this f***** up s*** the whole time." Strickland’s commentary included comments about the size of certain fighters, particularly black fighters.

Strickland’s Following and Ambitions

Despite losing key fights against Jared Cannonier and Alex Pereira, Strickland remains confident in his abilities and believes he deserves a title opportunity. However, the next UFC middleweight title shot will be going to Dricus du Plessis.

What’s Next for Strickland?

It’ll be interesting to see who Strickland is matched up against in his next fight. As always, MMA Knockout will provide daily coverage of the UFC and MMA.

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