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Sean Strickland’s Score to Settle: Middleweight Fighter Opens Up About Controversial Fight and Animosity with Maycee Barber

Read about Sean Strickland’s recent fight and his unsettled score with Ali Abdelaziz. Discover the animosity between Strickland and Maycee Barber in this captivating article.

Key Points
Sean Strickland seeks to settle a score with Ali Abdelaziz
Strickland’s recent victory and aspirations for the middleweight title
Maycee Barber’s animosity towards Strickland explained

Sean Strickland, the talented middleweight fighter, recently revealed his desire to settle a score with Ali Abdelaziz, his most recent opponent. Strickland, who secured a second-round TKO victory against Abus Magomedov, expressed his animosity towards Abdelaziz, who manages several UFC fighters, including Magomedov. In an interview with James Lynch, Strickland shared his frustrations and hinted at a potential fist fight with Abdelaziz. However, it seems that Strickland has also stirred up some tension with women’s flyweight Maycee Barber , who gave him the ‘evil eye’ during the interview. Strickland explained the source of their conflict, highlighting Barber’s experience with online harassment and the harsh realities of being in the public eye.

Sean Strickland’s Recent Triumph

Strickland’s victory against Magomedov marked his third-straight UFC main event and his first finish since 2020. After enduring a pair of challenging losses, the 32-year-old fighter has bounced back with back-to-back wins this year. Strickland now sets his sights on challenging for the middleweight title in the near future.

The Issue with Ali Abdelaziz

Magomedov, one of Abdelaziz’s managed fighters, was pitted against Strickland after the manager organized the fight. Strickland expressed his discontent with Abdelaziz, mentioning a personal element to their rivalry. He eagerly anticipates a potential confrontation with the manager, hoping for a positive interaction but remaining open to any outcome.

Maycee Barber ‘s Animosity

During Strickland’s interview with James Lynch, Maycee Barber walked by and gave him the ‘evil eye.’ Strickland addressed the incident, shedding light on the reason behind Barber’s apparent dislike for him. He mentioned Barber’s experience with online hate, emphasizing that being in the public eye comes with both love and hate.


Sean Strickland’s recent triumphs have fueled his desire to challenge for the middleweight title. However, his ongoing issues with Ali Abdelaziz and the animosity between him and Maycee Barber add an intriguing dimension to his journey. Strickland’s candidness about the challenges of being a professional fighter in the public eye highlights the harsh realities that come with fame and success.