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Sean Strickland’s Unique Fighting Style Could Pose Problems for Israel Adesanya

Discover how Sean Strickland’s unique fighting style could pose problems for Israel Adesanya. Read about the challenges faced by Ian Machado Garry during the promotion of his fight. Learn about Tony Ferguson’s recent losing streak and the concerns expressed by Josh Thomson.

With just a few weeks remaining until UFC 293, Sean Strickland is preparing for his first shot at a UFC title. Despite being considered a big underdog against middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, Strickland and his head coach Eric Nicksick are confident that his unique fighting style will cause problems for the champ.

Strickland has transformed into a relentless pressure fighter through his sparring-focused camps. He relies heavily on his jab and rarely takes a step backwards. Nicksick, in an interview with From The Stands MMA, stated that Strickland’s style is a threat to Adesanya.

According to Nicksick, Strickland is willing to go to extreme lengths in the octagon. He moves forward aggressively, utilizing awkward angles to deliver punches. Nicksick acknowledges the challenges they face but believes that Strickland has the potential to trouble Adesanya.

In the lead-up to his fight against Neil Magny at UFC 292, Ian Machado Garry claimed that he was carrying the entire card on his back. He even organized a public workout at a local pub in Boston to promote the fight. However, the event encountered obstacles when Garry was warned by the Boston PD that he could be arrested if the gathering spilled onto the streets.

During an interview with Full Send MMA, Garry revealed that the police officer on duty informed his team about the potential consequences. The officer stated that if Garry stepped outside and continued hitting pads, he would be arrested due to a riot law.

Tony Ferguson recently shared some insights about his UFC career, which has seen him lose six consecutive fights. Despite his last victory over Donald Cerrone at UFC 238, Ferguson expressed his determination to continue competing in the promotion. Josh Thomson, who was defeated by Ferguson during his impressive win streak, expressed concern for his former opponent.

Thomson, on an episode of Weighing In, emphasized the importance of self-reflection and knowing when to walk away from the sport. He shared his own experience of losing two fights in a row and the impact it had on his confidence. Thomson hopes that Ferguson will have a reality check and make the right decision for himself.

In conclusion, Sean Strickland’s unique fighting style presents a potential challenge for Israel Adesanya. Ian Machado Garry faced obstacles during the promotion of his fight against Neil Magny. Tony Ferguson’s recent losing streak has raised concerns, with Josh Thomson urging him to have a reality check. As UFC 293 approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the outcomes of these intriguing storylines.

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