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Stephen Thompson’s Potential Opponents for a Barnburner Matchup

Discover the potential opponents for Michael ‘Venom’ Page if he joins the UFC, as suggested by Stephen Thompson. Find out who Thompson believes would provide thrilling matchups for Page.

Stephen Thompson’s Potential Opponents for a Barnburner Matchup

UFC welterweight veteran Stephen Thompson has made a name for himself as one of the most entertaining strikers in the sport. This weekend, fans will witness Thompson’s standup skills as he faces off against Michel Pereira. But beyond this fight, there’s talk of another potential matchup that has caught the attention of fans and pundits alike.

Recently, there has been speculation about Bellator star Michael ‘Venom’ Page potentially joining the UFC and crossing paths with Thompson. While Thompson has dismissed the idea due to their friendship, he did suggest some exciting matchups for Page if he does make the move to the Octagon.

During a media day appearance, Thompson expressed his reluctance to fight Page, stating, ‘I just became friends with this guy, literally a few months ago. We hung out for a whole weekend. It’s like, ‘Dude, why do they want me to fight you now?’ But he’s a good dude, man. I don’t wanna say I would wanna fight him at this point because we’ve grown that relationship now.’

Instead, Thompson proposed potential opponents who would provide thrilling matchups for Page. He mentioned Ian Garry, who is set to face Geoff Neal, as a great matchup. Thompson also highlighted Shavkat Rakhmonov as another exciting option due to his striking abilities and length.

Garry and Neal are scheduled to fight on the UFC 292 pay-per-view card in Boston next month, while Rakhmonov is set to welcome Kelvin Gastelum back to the welterweight division at the UFC’s Mexican Independence Day event in September.

Ultimately, the decision on who will face Page in the Octagon rests with the UFC. Whether it’s one of the suggested opponents or someone else entirely, fans can expect an exciting fight if Page makes the move to the UFC.