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Stipe Miocic knocked down Daniel Cormier

Stipe Miocic again became heavyweight UFC champion by stopping Daniel Cormier in round 4  at 4:09 in main event of UFC 241.


Round 1

Daniel Cormier started the fight very well, in first round he was all over Stipe he lands some good shots, he put him up in the air and slam him down and he was able to hold him down most of the round. It was clear that this round was Daniels.

Round 2
Fight was mostly in stand up position at very close distance, both fighters exchanged some hard shots. DC was repeating the tactic from first match, holding hands very high and trying to close the distance. This time Stipe was ready for that and he was able to land some really good shots from that position but he was also receiving a lot damage. Daniel also throw a couple of eye pokes in this round. But after the second it was interesting listening Daniel’s corner. He was asking his team:
“Am i loosing? What round is it?” which just tell you how much he was rocked.


Round 3

Stipe adjusted him self and trying not to be at short distance with Daniel, he landed some good strong shots from the distance and it looked like that Daniel is slowing down. Daniel’s corner after this round was telling him that he needs to keep his hand high. And Daniel asked again “… am i loosing?”


Round 4

Stipe was fighting on his distance, did not wanted to be in the clinch any more. He landed good left body shot and he saw the reaction on Daniel’s face. Soon after that he landed another one – again reaction from Daniel. Now it was obvious to Stipe – go for body shot!. He landed a left body kick on same place, Daniel lower his right hand to protect the body shots but Stipe start to mix his shots finding openings for another body shot which he did. He landed couple more of them which did hurt Daniel and he’s punches looked not so sharp and then Stipe connected couple combination ending with strong right hand and Daniel went down. Stipe followed him lands a couple more punches on him, which was not fighting back any more and referee Herb Dean stopped fight at 4:09 in round 4.