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The Korean Zombie’s Uncertain Future: Will His Fight with Max Holloway Be His Last?

Will The Korean Zombie’s fight with Max Holloway be his last? The highly anticipated matchup at UFC Singapore raises questions about the future of The Korean Zombie’s MMA career.

The highly anticipated return of the UFC to Lion City is just around the corner, and all eyes are on the headlining fight between The Korean Zombie and Max Holloway. However, there is uncertainty surrounding this matchup as The Korean Zombie, also known as Chan Sung Jung, ponders whether this fight will mark the end of his mixed martial arts career.

After suffering a lopsided loss to featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 273 over a year ago, The Korean Zombie is making his comeback to the Octagon. Many believed that this fight with Holloway would be his swan song, but the fighter himself remains undecided.

In a recent media event for UFC Singapore , The Korean Zombie addressed the topic of retirement. Through an interpreter, he expressed the difficulty fighters face when acknowledging the end of their careers. He stated, "I’m not really sure what’s going to happen. It’s very difficult for a fighter to acknowledge that one’s career has ended. I’ll have to see how well I fight in the Octagon. I’ll have to assess myself on this fight, and then decide what’s going on next." The uncertainty surrounding his future adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already highly anticipated matchup.

Critics have questioned the UFC’s decision to match The Korean Zombie against Max Holloway, considering the former’s recent loss and Holloway’s reputation as a formidable opponent. However, The Korean Zombie has long desired this fight and expects it to be a slugfest. He anticipates both fighters being pushed to their limits, promising an exciting showdown.

Despite being the underdog with odds stacked against him, The Korean Zombie remains determined to leave Singapore with a victory. He holds immense respect for Max Holloway, acknowledging him as a living legend in the division. However, this respect does not translate into taking it easy on his opponent. The Korean Zombie is prepared to go all out and give his best to secure the win.

UFC Singapore is scheduled to take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The event will kick off with prelims at 5 a.m. ET, followed by the main card at 8 a.m. ET. Fans eagerly await the outcome of this thrilling matchup and the potential implications it holds for The Korean Zombie’s future in the sport.

Fight Summary

Fighter Result
The Korean Zombie TBD
Max Holloway TBD