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Tom Aspinall Claims UFC Interim Heavyweight Title with Devastating Knockout

Read about Tom Aspinall’s sensational victory at UFC 295, where he claimed the interim heavyweight championship with a devastating knockout. Learn more about Aspinall’s journey and his aspirations for a future title fight against Jon Jones.

| Tom Aspinall claims UFC’s interim heavyweight championship with a stunning early knockout of Sergei Pavlovich at Madison Square Garden.
| Aspinall becomes the third British fighter ever to hold a belt in the UFC.
| Birmingham’s Leon Edwards and retired Michael Bisping are the other British champions in the organization.
| Aspinall aims to fight Jon Jones for the full title once Jones has recovered from surgery.
| Aspinall’s victory is dedicated to his hardworking father.
| Despite facing challenges, Aspinall’s belief in himself and his power led him to triumph.
| Aspinall’s message to everyone: If you’re scared to do something, just do it.
| Aspinall’s victory is a testament to his years of hard work and dedication.

Tom Aspinall’s Sensational Victory

Tom Aspinall, hailing from Britain, shocked the world as he claimed the UFC’s interim heavyweight championship in a spectacular fashion. The highly anticipated bout took place at Madison Square Garden, where Aspinall displayed his striking prowess by knocking out his opponent, Sergei Pavlovich, in a mere 69 seconds.

This incredible victory came as a surprise to many, considering Aspinall accepted the title fight on short notice. Originally slated to be a showdown between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, Aspinall stepped in after Jones suffered a pectoral injury. Despite the odds stacked against him, the 30-year-old MMA star made the most of this opportunity and emerged victorious.

Aspinall’s triumph marks a historic moment for British fighters in the UFC. He joins the ranks of Leon Edwards, the welterweight champion, and the retired Michael Bisping, who held the middleweight title. With this win, Aspinall becomes only the third British fighter to hold a belt in the prestigious organization.

Looking ahead, Aspinall has his sights set on facing the legendary Jon Jones for the full heavyweight title. Although Jones is currently recovering from surgery and expected to be out of action for eight months, Aspinall is determined to prove himself against the all-time great.

Reflecting on his victory, Aspinall shared his emotions with TNT Sports, saying, "It has been a crazy two-and-a-half weeks. I want to tell everyone at home, if you ever get the chance to do something and you’re scared to do it, you should just do it. He’s a scary guy. I’ve never been so scared in my life, but I have power too, and I believed in myself. I’ve worked so hard over the years, and no one has worked harder than my father, so this belt is dedicated to him. I was struggling with the distance a little bit, but we got there in the end."