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Khabib: why people still talk about this (?)

Khabib Nurmagomedov came to the press conference after all crazy thing that happened and he apologized to Nevada, Las Vegas  and Athletic Commission and put the blame on Conor for all shit that happened.
Asked by the media why he did jump outside of the cage, he did not answer but he asked media why they are asking that because in his opinion media should talk about the problems that Conor did: atacking the buss, taking shit about his father and religion…

Why people talked about that i jumped over the cage, why people still talked about this. I do not understand that!


Taking about the fight, he said that not only Conor but all of his team are tapping machine


He also said that Vladimir Putin called him after the fight and congratulate him.

After that he stood up and left the press conference refusing to answer any further questions.