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UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor weigh-in chaos

One day before the fight, both fighter in the UFC 229 Khabib vs McGregor main event make weight. At the final face off, Conor McGregor wanted to get closer to his opponent, Dana White tried to not let him to close and repeatedly said “no touching, no touching…”. When Conor got “into the range” he smashed Khabib’s outstretched fist and chaos started.

Many member teams from both fighters were at the stage and Dana White together with security guys had a hard job to separate the fighters.

After that Conor took the mic and said to Joe:

“Don’t let that smelly rat put that hat on your head, Joe. The smell of that f**king thing. Don’t ever let him put that hat on your head.
It’s good to be back. UFC fans, it’s good to be fooking back.
The king is home.”

When Khabib Numagomedoc took the mic, crowd started booing and he said:

First i wanna say,  Alhamdulillah God gave me everything. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! I know you guys don’t like this, Alhamdulillah!
Tomorrow night, i’m gonna smash your boy!
And i wanna say thank you to all Irish fans, and all fans around the world because of you guys this fight is happening. Thank you guys and tomorrow night, inshallah, and still.