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UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 Press Conference

Jon Jones is in front of the media for a first time after a very long time, and he is sharing the stage with the fighter who gave him hardest fight in his carrier. After that fight Jones did not wanted even to say his name and now he needs to fight against him after being for long time outside of the octagon. His name is Alexander Gustaffson and he is motivated more than ever.


Here are couple of quotes from conference:

Asked about Daniel Cormier and possible fight against him, Jone said:
“There is no reason to give a Daniel Cormier chance to fight for a light-heavyweight belt. The belt was never his, and he was knocked out last time we fought”.

Jon talked about his time out of the sport and Gustaffson stopped him and said “Excuses, Excuses… that is all i hear….I beat you once and i will beat you again”  – said Gustaffson to Jones.

“I am not given him respect like i gave him first time, i will beat the man who was never beaten” -Gustafsson.

“If my excuse that i was not training, what is your excuse for loosing the fight, Alex”, asked Jones and Gustafsson replied “I never lost… i never lost. Everybody knows that.”

“I would fight DC in heavyweight, but i got nothing to prove, i beat him twice.. i will let him bread and enjoy his thing” – Jones about Daniel Cormier.


“I’ve learned… what is most important first and that is my family…” – said Jones.