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Reactions to latest updates on Jon Jones situation

“He (Jon Jones) tested positive again!” Was a first reaction from double champ Daniel Cormier when news broke up that Nevada commission won’t licence because of “Abnormal drug-test findings”.But Gustafsson do not care much about it, he said “you can be on rocket fuel and i will still finish you”

To remind you, Jon Jones drug-test results showed “abnormal drug-test findings” and Nevada state commission refused to issue a fighting licence for Jon Jones. As a result of that decision UFC decided to move complete UFC 232 event from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles California.



Dana White and Jeff Novitzky talk to the media and explained what really happened. Here is the video of MMAJunkie:


Many fighters were not happy about this decision, some of them feel that UFC is a showing double standards in this case, because some of them has been banned for same “small amounts”: