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Watch: Conor McGregor hits the pads in preparation for UFC 246

The Conor McGregor is back. Irish legendary MMA fighter and two times UFC world champion a.k.a “champ champ”, is returning back to octagon after many years of being outside of the cage. He will be fighting at UFC 246 and he will face dangerous veteran and another MMA legend, Donald Cerrone. Cerrrone is a fighter that holds couple of UFC records of all times, including those for most wins, and most performance of the night bonuses ( Fight of the Night (6), Performance of the Night (7), Knockout of the Night (3) and Submission of the Night (2) ). Cerrone is known as the fighter who leave it all in the cage. Every time. Anyone who ever fought in the cage against Cerrone will confirm you that, there is no easy fight with Donald.
But Conor, is already a legend and a fighter who makes a lot of hype everywhere he goes. And beside that, he was first two division champion, also known as “champ champ”.

The fight will take place at January 18,  in Paradise, Nevada.

Here you can take a look when the beef started between McGregor and Cerrone, it was at the press conference “UFC Go Big press conference” in 2015. You can watch it video bellow

Today, Conor McGregor, released a video on his instagram profile. In the video he is in the gym, preparing for the fight against Cerrone. He looks sharp, very well prepared and happy.

Conor showed us a glimps of  his preparation for the fight. In the video we can see him hitting pads in the gym, while Irish DJ Conor Bisset is playing music.

Looks like we will see the best of Conor McGregor