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Adesanya vs Costa – play by play

Middleweight belt is on the line. Adesanya will defend his belt against undefeated Paulo Costa.

Fight is about to start and here you can follow the play by play action.



Round 1

No touching gloves Fight is started.

Adesanya opened the fight with couple of leg kicks, Costa is holding the center of octagon.

Nice body kicks by Costa, Adesanya answered with two low kicks on the knee.

Costa is keeping the pressure but Adesanya is landing those low kicks.

Adesanya is still chopping that lead leg of Costa which is already red by now. Costa is not blocking those low kicks.

Round is over, very close one

10:9 for Adesanya


Round 2

Adesanya opened the round with another low kick to lead leg of Costa.

Nice leg kick from Costa

Adesanya got his leg really damaged by now, and he is using that to stop every attack from Costa. He is just touching that leg and Costa is standing passive.

Adesanya now is switching from right low kick, to left  high kick  – two landed already.

Adesanya landed hard left hook and Costa is down. Adesanya followd him landed couple more punches, Costa is not defending and fight is stopped.

3:59 sec


Adesanya made it look easy – AND STILL!