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UFC 264, Trevin Giles vs Dricus Du Plessis – play by play, text coverage

Follow play by play live text coverage of the first fight of prelim card on UFC 264 event between Trevin Giles vs Dricus Du Plessis.

FIght is about to start, Bruce Buffer is announcing the fighters and Dricus looks really hipped up, while Trevin is more relaxed.

Round 1

Dricus is moving really good, opened fight with couple good leg kicks. He is keeping the distance and trying to land some of these calf kicks.

Trevin is not blocking them, but he is aiming for that counter for the leg kicks.

Flying knee from Dricus, and he partially lands it.

Trevin is holding his hands low, and he looks really calm in his fight approach.

Good 1-2 by Trevin, Dricus blocks…

Trevin looks to relax, his hands are completely law, he is not even keeping the gard… trying to manage the distance…

Dricus continues to lands low and middle kicks… a lots of fainting and good movement…

Dricus shoot for takedown, but Trevin is defending it by being back to the cage… Trevin tries to wrap the guillotine but Dricus shook it off and got his takedown and lands in side controll.

Dricus took the mount for the moment, but Trevin turns and try to grab his leg for a leg lock… Dricus scrambles and they are up… Trevin got his back but Dricus goes for kimura, Trevin defends but he ends up down with Dricus on top

Dricus took the mount position again… he lands good elbow and lock down the guillotine and the bell rings – round 1 is over.

10-9 For Dricus

Round 2

Dricus continues to land low and middle kicks… nice knee to the body by Trevin

Trevin counter one low kick and lands straight left on Dricus… Dricus is covered with the back to the fence and Trevin lands nice elbow followed by 1-2…but Dricus counter with 1-2 and that right lands clean and Trevin is down, Dricus follow him on the ground and lands couple more clean punches and Trevin is out.

Referee jumped in and stop the fight in round 2 at minute 1:41

Really good performance but Dricus du Plessis.