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Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler – play by play

UFC 266 Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler, rematch 12 years in the making is abut to happen. Here you can follow play by play

Round 1

Well that was expected 😁, Nick Diaz opened fight with spinning back kick. Soon as the fighter started Lawler rushed to the center of the and Diaz missed spinning back kick ending on the ground. He quickly stood up but Lawler is already putting pressure on him. Nick is against the cage and Lawler is landing some really good body shots.
Diaz started to lands counter combination and now he is putting pressure on Lawler. Really nice 5-6 body-head combinations by Diaz.
Lawler got Diaz again against the cage and round is over by both fighters exchanging punches.

Cage news scoring: 10:9 Lawler

Round 2
Lawler again pressing Diaz, and he is again against the cage. Diaz landed 3 uppercuts in the row but Lawler answered with nasty body kick and Diaz moved back. This kick hurt him.
Diaz is landing good striking combination, but Lalwer is the one who is controlling the fight pace and moving forward.
Lawler started to landing punches to the body and Nick does not like that – he is moving away every time when Lawler lands a body shot. Diaz already landed over 200 strikes…
Diaz is fighting almost complete round with back on the cage, he is under constant pressure rom Lawler, throwing counter combinations but Lawler is the one who is landing clean and string punches.

cage.news scoring: 10:9 Lawler

Round 3
Diaz opened the last round by this strange 3 uppercut in a row… Lawler is pressuring him again, Diaz is against the cage… Lawler is now landed string body shot followed by right hook to the head and all landed. Diaz’s body is hurt and now is clear that he does not want to get any of those body shots…
Diaz is still agains the cage, Lawler landed good right and Diaz started to counter attack but Lawlers lands right over-hook and Diaz goes down. Lawler moves away asking Diaz to stand up, but he refuse to stand up and referee stopped the fight.