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Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa – play by play

UFC 271, Houston, TX Derrick Lewis is fighting in front of his crowd. Can he do it this time? Let’s follow play-by-play

Tai Tuivasa coming into this fight on a 4:0 score in last 4 fights – all won by knockout.

Derrick Lewis is having 3-1 score in last 4 fights, 3 won by KO and one lost agains Cyril Gane. That loss was actually happened in Houston, in front of his home crowd. Can he revenge this loss, tonight?

Both fighters are in the cage, Lewis is having big support from his home crowd.

The fight is about to begin…

Round 1

Both fighter started carefully, but Tuivasa is controlling the pace of the fight…Tuivasa got Lewis pressed against the cage, trying to put some pressure on him not really wanting to put him down. But referee puts them in the middle of the cage.

Lewis now started throwing wild, flying knee…

Lewis got Tuivasa on the cage and he puts him down…. heavy shots from Lewis… but Tuivasa survived, he stood up and pressed Lewis against the cage

Lewis got him again, choke attempt by Lewis but defended from Tuivasa

Tuivasa is up and got Lewis again against the cage but no real damage.

Round one is over

Cage.news score 10:9

Round 2

Slow start again, Lewis is moving backward… nice 1-2 by Lewis, Tuivasa is hurt….he is trying to land more but Tuivasa escapes.

Lewis started another attack, Tuivasa counter and now Lewis is hurt, it does not look god for Derrick. Tuivasa landed clear right elbow and Lewis is down.

The fight is over.

Tuivasa stopped Lewis by KO in round 2, official clock 1:42