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What a fight! UFC 284 Makhachev vs Volkanovski as seen by UFC fighters!

The main event of UFC 284 was a highly anticipated matchup between Makhachev Islam and Alexander Volkanovski. The fight was a close one, with both fighters showcasing their skills and heart. The emotions of the UFC fighters watching the fight were constantly changing as the bout progressed.

Before the fight began, Aljamain Sterling expressed his confidence in Makhachev but also gave credit to Volkanovski’s fighting ability. Henry Cejudo, the former UFC bantamweight champion, was impressed by the quality of the match, calling it what the sport of MMA is all about. Meanwhile, Aleksandar Rakic was in awe of the atmosphere of the arena.

As the fight began, Brian Ortega asked about Khabib, and Rakic joked that Makhachev was fighting against an entire country. The excitement in the arena was palpable, as Daniel Cormier noted that the crowd was on fire. Wonderboy called the first round for Makhachev, while Marvin Vettori called the fight crazy. Rakic appreciated the calmness of Makhachev.

As the fight progressed, Sterling acknowledged that Makhachev was up two rounds but was getting hurt when trying to close the distance. Cejudo declared that the fight was highly competitive and that Volkanovski might be up 2-1. Wonderboy also thought that Volkanovski had won a round and was in need of a knockout.

The intensity of the fight continued to escalate in the later rounds, with Daniel Cormier pointing out that Makhachev seemed tired. Jimi Manuwa was in shock, and Aleksandar Rakic declared the fifth round to be a nail-biter. Megan Anderson praised Volkanovski’s performance, while Jeremy Stephens called for Volkanovski to beat Makhachev’s ass. The excitement was shared by Brian Ortega, who proclaimed the fight to be a fantastic one.

As the fight reached its conclusion, the emotions of the UFC fighters were running high. Nathan Diaz congratulated Volkanovski, while Kevin Lee declared that Volkanovski had won the fight. Aleksandar Rakic proclaimed Makhachev to be the new P4P king. Chris Weidman expressed regret that he was unable to watch the fight live. Cody Garbrandt praised the match for living up to the hype of a super fight, while Nathan Diaz believed that Makhachev had been beaten.

The main event of UFC 284 was an unforgettable bout that had the emotions of the UFC fighters fluctuating from excitement to awe to disappointment. The fight was a true showcase of skill, heart, and determination, and the tweets from the UFC fighters reflect the level of excitement and drama that was on display.

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