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UFC 294: Khamzat Chimaev Plans to Make Paulo Costa Cry

UFC 294: Khamzat Chimaev plans to make Brazilian Paulo Costa cry in their upcoming middleweight clash. Chimaev aims to dominate Costa and solidify his position in the Octagon.

Swedish fighter Khamzat Chimaev has exclusively told TNT Sports that he plans to make Brazilian Paulo Costa cry when they meet at UFC 294 . Chimaev, who is undefeated, will make his long-awaited return to the Octagon in a middleweight clash with Costa in October.

Chimaev expressed his confidence, stating, ‘I’m going to go and smash this guy and make him cry.’ The fight will be held at 185 lbs, marking Chimaev’s comeback after a year-long absence from the sport.

Chimaev’s determination to dominate Costa is evident as he aims to leave a lasting impression on his opponent. He stated, ‘It’s good. I’ll make that guy cry in the cage…like I always do.’ Chimaev’s previous record speaks for itself, with 12 consecutive victories in MMA fights. His most recent triumph was a first-round submission of Kevin Holland at UFC 279.

Chimaev expressed confusion as to why he has not fought since then, stating, ‘I make everyone scared. I fight with everybody. Ask Dana White. I never said no. I’m always ready.’ He also revealed his desire to compete in multiple weight divisions, including the light heavyweight division.

In addition to Costa, Chimaev has his sights set on other champions in the UFC. He mentioned Glover Teixeira, the light heavyweight titleholder, as a potential opponent. Chimaev stated, ‘I asked Dana White if somebody gets injured, can I fight for the title this way. It will come, all my titles will come soon. I’m ready for all divisions.’

Chimaev’s ambition knows no bounds as he aims to collect multiple belts. He mentioned Israel Adesanya, the current middleweight champion, as another fighter on his radar. Chimaev said, ‘Of course, if he’s the champ, of course, I’ve got my eye on him. I want my belts, at least three belts.’

In conclusion, Khamzat Chimaev is determined to make a statement in his upcoming fight against Paulo Costa at UFC 294 . With his undefeated record and relentless fighting style, Chimaev aims to make Costa cry in the Octagon and solidify his position as a dominant force in the middleweight division and beyond.

Fight Results

Fighters Result
Khamzat Chimaev vs. Paulo Costa TBD

Key Points

  • Khamzat Chimaev plans to make Paulo Costa cry in their upcoming fight at UFC 294
  • Chimaev is undefeated and will be returning to the Octagon after a year-long absence
  • Chimaev aims to compete in multiple weight divisions, including light heavyweight
  • He has expressed interest in fighting Glover Teixeira and Israel Adesanya
  • Chimaev is determined to collect multiple championship belts

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