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Usman vs Masvidal – play by play

Main event at UFC Fight Island is upon us, follow the live play by play here:



Masvidal is in the cage:


Usman is going to the cage



Both fighters are in the ring, both fighters looks very relaxed. Should be a good fight.


Round 1

Masvidal is starting the fight leaning to the cage, and opens the fight with first kick. He landed couple of low kicks. But Usman reacted by blocking and landing a take down. 4 minutes to go and Usman is on top of Masvidal.

3:20 Masvidal manage to stand up, and landed a nice direct. Nice combination with knee and couple of 1-2 after that.

Usman pressed him against the cage, trying to land a takedown but it is stopped. But Usman is still holding him against the cage.

Masvidal is out of clinch, nice right on the way out by Usman.

Fight is at center of the cage, Masvidal landed strong right but Usman took it.

Usman pressed again Masvidal against the cage and the first round is over.


Very close round, but would say 10:9 Masvidal.


Round 2

Masvidal opened with low kick, and Usman makes another attempt of takedown but it is stopped. Usman got Masvidal again against the fence, pressing and looking for another takedown.

Nice elbow my Usman, he is controlling the second round so far by pressing the Masvidal against the cage and landing some dirty boxing punches. But he is taking his time, not pushing for anything.


Masvidal managed to get out of the clinch and landed nice right  for the end of round 2.


Clear round for Usman 10:9



Round 3

Masvidal have a cut on the right head, looks like it was a head clash in round 2.

Usman is taking over the fight, he is controlling the cage and again he is having Masvidal against the fence again. Looks like the tactic from Usman is the slowly take all energy from Masvidal.

Masvidal managed to push Usman of the cage, landed nice knee and right hook but Usman got him against a cage again. Usman landed knee to the groin and referee stoppped the fight to give Masvidal time to recover.

Fight continues on the center of the cage, Masvidal tries to land a right hook, Usman slips it and amkes a huge takedown. Nice elbow from Usman.

Usman is landing nice ground an pound and finishes the round very strong in dominant position.

Clear round for Usman 10:8


Round 4

Usman opened the roung with high kick attempt but it was blocked by Masvidal.

Usman slides for another takedown, Masvidal looks kind of slow in reaction but still able to stop the takedown. Usman still in dominatn position pressing the Masvidal against the cage and lands another takedown.

Masvidal is trying to stand up but he is spending too much energy on these takedowns and getting out of them.

Masvidal exploded from the fence, and landed nice knee and 1-2-3 puches combbinations, Usman retreating.

And the fight is again in the center of the octagon.

Usman is again pushing forward and he got Masvidal again pressed against the cage. Looks like Masvidal have no good  answer for this tactic.

Another round for champion: 10:9 for Usman


Round 5

Usman is again taking the space and he got him against the cage.

Huge takedown by Usman, he is on top and Masvidal is breading heavy.

Usman still on top 2:30 in the round, looks like there is no strength from Masvidal to get up.

Usman in full control and looks like he trying to find the way to finish the fight.

1 minute to the end, Masvidal is trying to defend anaconda choke from Usman, and he defends and stands up 40 seconds to the end.

Masvidal landed nice knee again, nice head kick, landing 1-2 combination. Trying to score at the end of the fight.

The fight is over. Both figters on the feets, and this would be another  W for te champion, Kamaru Usman.

But let’s wait official decision.



The official score 50-45, 50-45, 49-46 aaaand still – Kamaru Usman won this fight by decision.