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UFC Singapore: Max Holloway vs The Korean Zombie – Clash of Featherweight Titans

Don’t miss the highly anticipated UFC Singapore event featuring Max Holloway vs The Korean Zombie. Get ready for an electrifying clash of featherweight titans!

UFC Singapore: Max Holloway vs The Korean Zombie

The highly anticipated UFC event is set to take place in Southeast Asia this weekend, featuring a thrilling featherweight matchup between Max Holloway and The Korean Zombie. Despite their long-standing careers in the division, these two fighters have never crossed paths before, making this clash even more exciting.

Max Holloway, considered one of the all-time greats in the featherweight class, holds the gold and has proven himself as a dominant force. On the other hand, The Korean Zombie has consistently challenged for belts and is known for his relentless fighting style.

In the co-main event, Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann will face off in a rematch that has left fans puzzled. Although their initial meeting took place just two years ago, this unexpected rematch brings an intriguing dynamic to the card. Smith emerged victorious in their first encounter with a first-round rear-naked choke, and a win in this rematch would solidify his dominance over Spann.

Since their first fight, Smith has faced two consecutive losses, while Spann has maintained a record of 2-1, with his most recent loss against Nikita Krylov. The outcome of this rematch will undoubtedly have significant implications for both fighters.

Stay tuned for the full results of the UFC Singapore weigh-in, which can be found in the table below:

Fighter Weight (lbs)
Max Holloway 145
The Korean Zombie 145
Anthony Smith 205
Ryan Spann 205

Don’t miss this electrifying event that promises to deliver thrilling fights and showcase the talent of these incredible athletes.