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UFC Vegas 78: Cub Swanson’s Controversial Victory Leaves Hakeem Dawodu Stunned

Read about the controversial victory of Cub Swanson over Hakeem Dawodu at UFC Vegas 78. Despite Dawodu’s dominance, Swanson emerged as the surprising winner. Find out more on MMA Knockout.

In a surprising turn of events at UFC Vegas 78 , Cub Swanson emerged victorious in a fight that left Hakeem Dawodu stunned. Despite appearing to be in control, Dawodu’s efforts were not enough to secure the win against the seasoned veteran.

Throughout the match, Dawodu showcased his striking skills, outperforming Swanson in the early rounds. He effectively wore down his opponent and dominated him against the cage. Swanson, however, displayed a relentless spirit in the third round, desperately seeking a finish as he believed he was trailing behind.

After the fight, Daniel Cormier, a former champion and UFC analyst, questioned Swanson about his thoughts on the outcome. Swanson admitted that he did not believe he had done enough to win, acknowledging that he would need to review the fight to assess his performance accurately.

Despite his doubts, the judges awarded Swanson the victory, marking his 14th win in the UFC’s featherweight division. This achievement places him third in the all-time rankings, only behind Darren Elkins and Max Holloway. Swanson’s impressive resume, which includes wins against notable fighters such as Dustin Poirier and Charles Oliveira, solidifies his status as a UFC legend.

The decision was undoubtedly devastating for Dawodu, who visibly expressed his shock and disappointment. With consecutive losses now on his record, the Canadian fighter faces a challenging road ahead. Even commentator Paul Felder empathized with Dawodu, acknowledging that there is little that can console him after such a result.

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