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Usman KTFO Street Jesus – video highlights

Everyone expected violence from Jorge Masvidal, but tonight we saw calm, cool and violent Kamaru Usman. He stopped “Street Jesus” via vicious knockout in round 2.

Usman opened fight doing what he does best – controlling the fight. He was measured, calm and determined to find a crack in Masvidal’s game. He landed couple of good counters so definitely slight opening was there,  especially for right hand which he landed couple times and Masvidal was smiling on them, but they landed clean. Then he decided to try wrestling with Masvidal, he took him down but Masvidal was able to stand up and the round was over.

Now Usman knows, Masvidal is ready for wrestling but he does not expect danger from striking attacks. At the beginning of round 2, he throw a fake left and right direct which landed clean. Masvidal’s chin touched his shoulder and he was out before he fell on the ground.

Referee stopped the fight at 1:02 of round 2.

Usman placed a stamp on his rivalry with Jorge “Street Jesus” Masvidal.

Next fight will be against  Colby Covington.