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What’s Next for Alexander Volkanovski after UFC 290 Victory?

Discover what’s next for Alexander Volkanovski after his dominant victory at UFC 290. Will he face Ilia Topuria or seek a rematch with Islam Makhachev?

Key Points
Alexander Volkanovski’s fifth title defense
Potential opponents: Ilia Topuria or Islam Makhachev
Expert analysis on Volkanovski’s future

Alexander Volkanovski showcased his dominance as the featherweight champion with his fifth title defense against Yair Rodriguez. The fight ended with a third-round TKO, leaving fans wondering who could challenge Volkanovski next. Two options stand out: the undefeated contender Ilia Topuria or a rematch with lightweight fighter Islam Makhachev. Let’s delve into Volkanovski’s future after UFC 290.

The Impressive Performance

Volkanovski displayed one of his most complete performances, leaving no doubt about his superiority. His victory raises questions about who can truly test him in the future.

Potential Opponents

Ilia Topuria

Ilia Topuria, an undefeated contender with a record of 14-0, is a strong candidate to challenge Volkanovski. His impressive UFC record of 6-0 makes him a worthy opponent for the featherweight champion .

Islam Makhachev

Another option for Volkanovski is to move back to lightweight for a rematch with Islam Makhachev. Makhachev, with a record of 24-1, poses a significant threat and could provide an exciting rematch.

What’s Next?

As we analyze Volkanovski’s future, the question arises: which option makes the most sense? Watch the video above for expert thoughts and analysis on his potential opponents.

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Fight Results

Fighter Result
Alexander Volkanovski Win (TKO)
Yair Rodriguez Loss

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