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Tyson Fury beat the Bronze Bomber but not the judges

It was a great performance by Tyson Fury, he dominated the whole fight except two occasions where he was dropped by Wilder. But that was all from Wilder, two strong punches and everything else was Fury. He was picking Wilder apart, round by round, smartly not exposing himself to Wilder’s right hand and it looked like that Wilder was focused only on that power right – but it never happened. Fury outboxed and dominated Wilder first 9 rounds.

But the Wilder was able to come back in round 9 where he surprised everyone and  dropped Fury with a right hook behind the ear. Fury fell down but he stood up immediately.

Wilder started to pressing Fury soon as he stood up but Fury counter him with a strong left and Wilder step back. And for the rest of the round Fury had everything back under control. In round 10 and 11 he continues playing his game and just outboxing, now tired, Wilder.

But then in round 12, it was clear that Fury is the winner of the fight – unless Wilder knocks him out. And Wilder did just that, he connected strong right hook and while Fury was falling down he connected again with a left hook in mid-air. Fury fell down on canvas not moving at all. Wilder started to dance in the ring and looked like the fight is over, but then Fury opened his eyes and he saw referee counting ..6…7…8… he shook of his head and stood up like nothing happened. Unbelievable!

Soon as he stood up Wilder jumped on him but Fury was able to defend himself and it was Wilder then who started to hug Fury – because he was exhausted at this point.

After the 12 rounds, everybody thought Fury done enough. The scoring should be on his side, everybody thought the same except judges – they said it is a DRAW!