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Paige VanZant vs Rachael Ostovich – BKFC 19

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 19 main event, Paige VanZant vs Rachael Ostovich brought us a great rematch fight of five round ended up in judge decision. Watch video highlights and follow play by play

It was a BKFC debut for Ostovich and she came ready, to grab a win in against Page VanZant.

Rachael Ostovich vs Paige VanZant – play by play

Round 1

Both girls started swinging soon as the fight started, and they both landed. Ostovich is the one who is attacking with 1-2 combinations but VanZant is countering every attack. VanZant landed good right hand, and started landing more combinations but those punches were landed on back of the Ostoich’s head so referee had to split them.
Ostoich immediately started landing and they ended up in clinch both landing punches on short distance.
Fight moved back to the center of the cage, and first round is over.

Very close round, it could go to Ostovich just because she was the one controlling the pace of the fight
Ostovich: 10:9

Round 2

VanZant is the one who started to controlling the center of the cage and putting pressure on Ostovich. Looks like VanZant made some adjustments, and she looked much better in round 2. She manage to control the fight and landed couple good shots, while Ostovich was mostly on back foot, landing some counter punches.
This one should go to
VanZant 10:9

Round 3

VanZant started pressing Ostovich, but she landed good right hand and VanZant stepped back. Now is the Ostovich controlling center of the cage. VanZant still attacking, but Ostovich is landing more clear shots.
Ostovich landed good right hand followed by body shots, and the round is over.
Ostovich: 10:9

Round 4

VanZant opened round with 1-2 combination, she took the center of the octagon. Ostovich is countering again, but she lands a good right and VanZant is rocked. Ostovich rushed forward throwing couple more 1-2 combinations but VanZant grabbed her and they ended up in clinch. Ostovich is landing body shots, but VanZant, clearly rocked, does not let her go from the clinch. Referee stopped them, and return the fight to the center of the cage.
Ostovich landed again 1-2 combinations, and VanZant is with her back on the ropes when the bell ringed for the end of the round.
Clear round for Ostovich: 10:8

Round 5

VanZant knows she is behind on score cards, she is putting pressure on Ostovich, but no clear punches yet.
Fight is mostly in the center of the cage, but neither fighter is landing clean.
Good clean 1-2 landedn by VanZant, Ostovich is on the ropes and they ended up in clinch. Ostovich is holding double underhook preventing VanZant from landing more punches. Referee stepped in and fight is moved back to the center of the cage, 30 seconds to the end.
Ostovich immediately took the center of the cage and she landed another good right hand, VanZant tries to keep her in the clinch but she is swinging and landing body shots. VanZant turn it to thai-clinch and she landed couple good knees. They ended up in clinch again and the bell ringed – the fight is over.
Very, very close round, we could call it a draw round.

Official score:
Ostovich: 48-47,
Ostovich: 48-47,
Ostovich: 49-46

WINNER by unanimous decision: Rachael Ostovich