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Cory Sandhagen vs TJ Dillashaw, what a fight! – play by play

TJ Dillashaw defeated Cory Sandhagen in a main event of UFC Vegas 32. Great performance by former champion in his comeback fight after 2 years being away from octagon.

It was a very close fight, TJ had injured knee in the 1st round and he was fighting almost full fight with at a nasty cut over his right eye, but he was able to pull it of and win by split decision.

Cory Sandhagen vs TJ Dillashaw – play by play

Round 1

Dillashaw took the center of octagon and started applying pressure to Sandhagen, but Sandhagen started to mix his attacks. He landed good calf kick, but TJ is moving forward, then he landed good strait right, flying knee, another flying knee but this time TJ ducks it and they ended up on the ground but in the process of going down Sandhagen was able to setup reverse triangle. Triangle looks real tight… but TJ was able to get out from it.
Now TJ is on the top, he started to land some good ground and pound…Sandhagen gave him his back and was able to stand up…
Both fighters started exchanging good punches while standing. TJ lands good left hook and Sandhagen is on back foot, but he shook it of and started mixing punches with low kicks again.
TJ now is putting pressure and Sandhagen, he grab him and was able to pit him down, but Sandhagen started to land some good punches from the bottom, he tried to land couple of up-kicks and at the end he grabbed TJ’s leg, basically stopping every TJ’s attack.
TJ was able to land couple of good shots, while his leg is still trapped, Sandhagen pushed him away using that trapped leg and they are both up ended up in the clinch… and the round is over

Very close round, TJ was putting pressure, had a good takedown, but Sandhagen show good defence and was able to land couple good combination
We will give it to TJ Dillashaw – 10:9

Between the rounds, TJ was saying something about his knee. It could be that he has problem with it…

Round 2

TJ started pressuring Sandhagen from the start, they ended up in a clinch on a fence… TJ is trying to get the takedown…but Sandhagen was able to defend it and now the fight is in the center of the cage.
TJ landed good middle kick, Sandhagen grabs it and tried to put him down but TJ was able to escape.
Both fighters started to mix very good, TJ attacked with nice 1-2, Sandhagen responded with jab followed by middle kick.
TJ Is still the one who is putting presure, Sandhagen is moving backwards most of the time…
TJ landed couple good low kicks…nice uppercut by Sandhagen…
TJ is escaping the punches with his hands low, but Sandhagen lands a clean left hook and TJ goes down… Sandhagen followed him but TJ grabbed his leg from the back and was able to stand up, scramble a little bit and tried to land couple of punches… looks like he is OK
TJ started to close the distance, throwing hooks but Sandhagen lands clean right hook, and this stopped TJ’s attack
TJ is having a cut above his right eye (because of that right hook), and referee invited doctor in the cage to check it out. Doctor gave the green light and fight continues, two minutes to the end of round 2
TJ is still moving forward, but this look like Sandhagen wants him to do so. Sandhagen lands a nice 1-2, TJ still moving forwars. Sandhagen lands flying knee.
TJ’s face is all bloody but he is keep moving forward… Sandhagen started to mix things again, nice jab.. nice high kick… TJ closed the distance with 1-2 and he grabbed Sandhagen aginst the fence, trying to lands a takedown 30 sec to the end but Sandhagen defends it. TJ lands big elbow in the process and the round is over.
This round goes to Sandhagen, he did the most damage, landed clean shots, defends the takedown:
Round goes to: Sandhagen 10:8

TJs coach, told him to “do not chase the opponent, cut him of…”

Round 3

Sandhagen throws a right hand he misses, but got over extended turns his back on TJ. TJ landed good combination while Sandhagen was keeping his head down…
TJ is not moving crazy forward like before, looks like he was listening the advice of his coach…
nice movement by TJ, he cuts the space and Sandhagen is against the cage, TJ shoots for takedown – Sandhagen stops it and the fight is in the center of octagon again
TJs face is still bloody, looks like his blood is coming to his eye and it affects his vision….
TJ started to pressuring Sandhagen again, and turns out that is exactly what Sandhagen wants, he is so good landing counter shots. Nice right hook by Sandhagen, TJ is still moving forward.. nice straight left by Sandhagen, now TJ is moving backwards
Sandhagen tries to land spinning back kick, TJ caught it and lands a takedown..they scramble , TJ took his back but Sandhagen was able to stand up
Sandhagen immidatelly started to lands those jabs again, TJ answered with couple good calf kicks…
TJ closes the distance again with the strikes, shots for a takedown but it is blocked by Sandhagen
TJ is still putting the pressure and are again on the cage, Sandhagen is defending but TJ starts to land couple good elbows just before the end of the fight.. Sandhagen was able to move out and land a good right, but this one was after the bell ring for end of the round

Round goes to: TJ Dillashaw – 10:9

Round 4

TJ opened the round with couple of good low kicks… he is mixing straight 1-2 with leg kicks and they are all landing, Sandhagen is moving backwards…
Sandhagen lands a counter right which stoped TJ, but then ha starts to kick that Sandhagen’s leg, again, and again… and again – 3 in a row…
Sandhagen tried to lands a counter jab, TJ ducks it and grab him pushed him to the cage and start working on his takedown….Sandhagen defends it and move the fight to center of the cage
Sandhagen lands good left hand.. and again… TJ answers with low kicks…
TJ grabbed him again against the fence, and trying to get that takedown, Sandhagen defends it
Fight is moved to the center, TJ grabs him again and start working on the takedown agains the cage, Sandhagen defends it again…
TJ lands another 3-4 leg kicks 10 seconds before the end of the round, this cold be a real problem coming for Sandhagen coming into a 5th round…
TJ wanted to finis the round string, he overextend the straight right, Sandhagen escape it and lands a big spinning elbow…. round is over
This one is really hard to score, both fighters has been landing, but maybe just because of octagon control we can give it to TJ

Round goes to: TJ Dillashaw – 10:9

Round 5

TJ again opened with low kicks, he is moving forward and Sandhagen is already with his back to the cage…
Sandhagen ducks one of the punches and move again to the center of the cage…. both fighters are throwing hand combinations but nothing is landing clean
TJ again managed to grab Sandhagen, push him to the cage and tries to land a takedown
Sandhagen was able to defend, but TJ lands a nice elbow on the way out
TJ is controlling the pace of the fight, he keeps pushing Sandhagen, he tries to land some counter punches but without success for now
Sandhagen lands nice 1-2 from the back foot, but TJ keeps coming… TJ pushes for another takedown, and they ended up in the clinch on the cage, Sandhagen defends it and they are again in the center…
30 sec to go, both fighter in the center of the cage….Sandhagen lands good body shot… TJ keep pushing, he is trowing 1-2 combination, they are not landing but Sandhagen is on back foot again…they both exchanging punches, but TJ is more successful – he lands couple of good straights and the fight is over.

Again close round, but TJ was the one who was setting the pace, and Sandhagen was actually countering and defending so therefore we have to give to TJ.

Round goes to: TJ Dillashaw – 10:9

Official results:
48-47 Sandhagen
48-47 TJ Dillashaw
48-47 – TJ Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw won by split decison